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Sharing large files has never been easier

Terashare connects your computer directly to the receiver's. Send files fast, free and without size limits.

We have made an important update to Terashare: When sharing a file we will also upload it to our servers so you don't have to keep your computer on until your receiver finishes his download.

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What is Terashare?
Terashare is a lightweight application to share files. Once you share a file, Terashare generates a unique, secret link. This secret link allows other people to download the file directly from your computer.
Hybrid technology
Terashare combines the P2P bittorrent protocol with cloud upload. This means that people can download huge files directly from your computer. Files smaller than 10 GB are also stored on our servers, so that your receivers can still download the file even if you switch off your computer.
Terashare is faster than other services. Because the receivers download the file directly from your PC, they don't have to wait until you have completed the upload to the cloud. The moment you share the file, your receiver can download it.
Completely free
Sharing and downloading files is completely free. Our costs are recovered entirely through a single ad on the download page.
Unlimited file size
Terashare does not have a limit on file size: if you and the receiver can store the file on your computers, Terashare can send it. However, it is important to know that files larger than 10 GB are not uploaded to the Terashare servers. This means that your receiver can only download these large files when your computer is switched on. If you switch your computer off, the download will stop, but it will automatically resume once you come back online.
Share entire directories
You can share entire directories: if you use the Chrome browser, you can select the directory right from this webpage. If you use another browser, you will need to go to that directory on your computer, right click on it, and select 'Terashare it!'.

Want to know more? Read about the technology powering Terashare.
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