terashare is built on top of bittorrent technology, providing free, secure and scalable sharing of files of any size.

Bittorrent technology
The Terashare client uses the open source libtorrent library which is also used in many bittorrent clients. Using the bittorrent protocol for file transfer has many benefits, such as automatic resume of downloads, protection again file corruption, and protection against eavesdropping through RC4 encryption.
Web interface
Although you have to install the lightweight Terashare client, all user interaction is done through the web interface on This web interface communicates with the installed client, and makes it possible to share files with a single click or drag-and-drop and to manage you shared files with ease.
P2P sharing
When you send a large file to many receivers, the bittorrent protocol makes sure that your receivers also download parts of the file from each other. This makes their download fast while preserving your upload bandwidth. So go ahead and share your file with your 1000 Facebook friends!
NAT holepunching
Many people are behind a NAT router. These routers, employed by many internet service providers, make it difficult to accept incoming connections. To circumvent this, Terashare employs a method called NAT holepunching. This method manages to create a direct connection for the large majority of users behind a NAT router.
Relay server
On some firewalled networks, it is not possible to accept incoming connections. If Terashare does not manage to create a direct connection or to punch a hole in the NAT router, we route the traffic through a relay server. This ensures that your file transfer works every time.
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